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More about the d-school at UCT

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The overall objective of the d-school in Cape Town is to train and capacitate students and professionals in design thinking as an enabler of innovation and new outcomes that can meet the needs of users in complex socio-political and economic contexts.

This is particularly important in a region like ours that requires human-centred, contextually relevant, innovation - from products to services, systems and business models.

Our Vision

To be the regional leader in education, training and research in design-led innovation.

Our Mission

In order to achieve this vision, the d-school will:

Build partnerships and programmes with both private and public sector entities that include:

  • Experiential training on real world projects and challenges.
  • Capacitation in the form of training, support and guidance in embedding Design Thinking into organisational structures i.e looking at organisational transformational aspects of Design Thinking.
  • Research into the trends and application of design thinking to ensure relevance.
  • Development of case studies that document the application and impact of design thinking.

Our Values

The  core values underpinning the d-school work include:

  • li>Human-centeredness - (extending design thinking’s focus on user/human centredness to promoting the agency of users in their communities - from work environments to social ones - and developing a deep understanding of their contextual constraints; i.e. the contexts in which solutions are applied )
  • Inclusivity and diversity in d-school teams (staff, students, representatives and service providers)
  • Authenticity
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity

These values reflect the d-school’s commitment to developing solutions and new outcomes  on the African continent, that contribute to:

  • Inclusive economic development
  • Transformation
  • Resilience
  • Sustainable development  - prioritising accessibility, affordability, and appropriateness in recognition that in contexts like that of the d-school‘s.

"The d-school‘s overall
objective is to promote
design thinking as an
enabler of innovation."

Meet the d-school

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University of Cape Town
Hasso Plattner Trust
Hasso Plattner Institute
Steering Committee

d-school Team

Richard Perez

Rael Futerman
Programme Manager

Keneilwe Munyai
Programme Manager

Lorelle Bell
Communication Consultant

Robert Kellas
Professional Programmes